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Poster: J_T_R Date: Feb 7, 2019 8:58am
Forum: opensource Subject: "SCAMH ("scamaitch"): Shopping Centres and Model Homes" - images in PDF

These PDF collections of street photography, posters and collages of developments in Parkdale Toronto should appeal to anyone interested in inner city problems, urban development, street photography, asylums and mental health institutions, psychiatry and antipsychiatry. Please feel free to download and add to the discussion.

I thought I'd review my book myself, since I support my own work in every other way, I'd might as well support it in this.

This society officially does not support it, and that is probably a good thing, in so far as public support at least for any work of art in any way about what we mistakenly call public mental health is always coercive. No such work if it were any could, if it were honest, could escape being sharply critical of public mental health in general and psychiatry - and psychiatrists - in particular.

I believe my work - my books - for all their crudeness - are good and honest so it would be unrealistic to expect support from the sector it implicitly condemns.

I remain disappointed however by the failure to support the work even indirectly by individuals from whom I had expected better, These include our local librarian and Heinz Kleine, the latter ostensibly an advocate for antipsychiatry.

The librarian accepted my books, then rejected them for fear the mouthpiece of Mental Health Fascism here in Toronto, CAMH CEO Catherine Zahn, might not like them (!). Heinz accepted multiple copies of my books as teaching materials, then suppressed them.

In Fascist Canada censors become "librarians" to prevent books, posers become "artists" to prevent art, liars become "critics":to prevent criticism.

Perhaps the Internet Archive is the last best sanctuary for these books. They're very expensive to produce, and Fascist Canada won't fund them, but the Internet Archive is free.

The images in these books address the destruction of Parkdale, an inner city Toronto Neighborhood, by forces of gentrification and commercialization unleashed by the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health, CAMH (camaitch - scamaitch to it's critics) destroyed destroyed the former Queen West Mental Health Centre to replace it with a virtual cult compound for the most metetricious kinds of psychiatric quackery - Nazi Science.

These developments were spear-headed by CEO Catherine Zahn, who has subsequently conducted herself not like a scientist but like a mendacious crack-crazed cheer-leader.

So of course she won't like it. Maybe you will...

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